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Log on - Logon your ERLS Accounts.
Implementation of Short Message Service (SMS) on 1 December 2014

SMS notification for radiation health services has been implemented from 1 December 2014 for:
1. reminding radiation workers of the date, time and place of medical examination on the Monday in the week of the medical appointment;
2. sending alert messages to the radiation workers and their employers of the high dose recorded by the dosimeter immediately returned to Radiation Monitoring Service (RMS).

Please note that the SMS Chinese character set is using UCS-2. For cell phones which do not have UCS-2 decoder, the Chinese characters in the message may not be displayed correctly.

Regarding the register of mobile phone number for the SMS:
- Radiation workers can provide their mobile phone numbers in the application form of medical examination or when they attend the medical appointment. SMS will be issued for next appointment;
- Users or authorized persons of RMS can register their mobile phone numbers in 'Profile Management' page after logging onto their user or subscriber accounts.

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